Bali Popular Location you need to See

Daniel Randy
6 min readJan 1, 2021

Our Bali travel guide summarizes your favorite places in Bali as well as those off the beaten track that may pleasantly surprise you.

Utilize this Bali travel manual to look up areas of interest or unfamiliar areas to find some history knoweledge of what the place is like and what it has to offer you.

There are a couple places that most men and women gravitate towards when they’re arranging a visit to Bali. And they’re definitely the most well-known areas for their own personal reasons.

A vacation to Bali (especially if it’s your first trip) would not be the same without visiting at least a few of those Bali destinations mentioned under.

Kuta seemingly has a direct impact on individuals. You either love it or despise it. One of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations,’’ It is undoubtedly a busy place but lacks the civilization you may be anticipating when visiting Bali.

If you would like to visit Kuta, I would suggest a day trip within remaining at the region unless you’re searching for budget lodging or you’re on the lookout for nice lodging that nonetheless provides value for the money.

If you keep at Kuta, I think that it would really increase Bali expertise to unite it with a stay in a different place, such as Ubud or Uluwatu.

The place is filled with markets and everybody you walk beyond attempts to sell you something if you seem interested or not. So be ready! It could acquire full-on, but it's something that I needed to encounter as we desired to observe all Bali.

There are a whole lot of things to do in Kuta, but they might not always be the things that you would like to do in Bali. It truly depends on what you need from your visit to Bali.

There are plenty of markets, stores, and shopping centers (Discovery Mall, Beachwalk).

Additionally, there are many cheap restaurants. At nighttime, Kuta is not short of a location to have a beverage, with lots of clubs and pubs (but we favor Seminyak pubs and beach clubs).

And in Bali, wherever you’re, you are never too far from a massage. Kuta is also a fantastic area to learn how to navigate.

Based on visitors, Legian is walkable or even a brief cab. Seminyak is a brief taxi ride. And there is always a tasty fish dinner on the beach in Jimbaran and the shores of Uluwatu.

Legian On the shore, occupied and not short of a tourist destination. Somewhat less feverish than Kuta, less cool as Seminyak.

If you would like to be at the principal tourist destinations of Bali, also have stores, markets, food choices, and the beach at your doorstep then it is for you.

In case you came to Bali to visit amazing beaches or rice areas, then you are probably best looking into Ubud, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, or the North or East coast of Bali, possibly as an option or mixing it with Legian.

There are lots of things to do in Legian, such as purchasing, swimming, eating, massages, and surfing courses. In the shore end of Jalan Melasti is a sizable marketplace selling traditional Balinese things and memorabilia.

Legian is a fantastic alternative in the event that you wished to remain in Seminyak however, it had been over the financial institution. Or if you like to be close to Kuta but not remain right there. Legain presents excellent value for the money.

Seminyak It is from the beach and provides a little more sophistication then it is neighbouring counterparts.

Seminyak is among the hottest tourist destinations in Bali. People today gravitate here for this small bit of luxury and comfort that lacks in its own neighbors Kuta and Legian. Contemplate boutique shopping, luxury resorts, a selection of dining choices, and beach bars.

It’s a massive assortment of stores, such as boutique clothing shops, furniture shops, markets and art galleries. There’s something to suit everybody’s taste of meals, together with local warungs and fine dining, and an assortment of international cuisines.

You could easily devote an whole day at the shore. Or obtaining Balinese massages and other spa therapies. Or shopping. Or eating. Or just a little bit of all of the above.

One factor that you should not overlook is watching a gorgeous sunset on the shore or in one of the numerous beach bars. Seminyak has some thing for everybody, but we’d certainly suggest combining your visit to Bali with a different place. If you are just in Bali for a brief period this area is most likely a fantastic base.

Jimbaran You’ll find luxury hotels located within a neighborhood community.

Jimbaran includes a surprisingly distinctive mixture of luxury hotels within a real community community.

It is a fantastic area to unwind, have a fish dinner on the beach, check out the regional markets and also spend the afternoon at the shore. Though it can be a small touristy occasionally, it surely does not have masses of tourists lining the roads like any other regions of Bali.

Inside the neighborhood, there are mainly bali villa management, local shops, specifically, a large fresh food marketplace in the morning plus a seafood market on the shore where you are able to see the fisherman bringing in their catch. There’s also an open minded shopping village.

There might not be too numerous restaurants as other locations, however they have some tasty local and global food choices here. If you would like to. But the actual beauty here is enjoying the shores. The meals. The folks.

The neighborhood community. It is that place that compels you to unwind. My main problem once I travel is that I believe I just have a limited time to research everything and as far as I wish to relax I wish to explore.

I am conflicted. But in Jimbaran, whole days go by and before you know it, all you need done is walk, break, get a massage, eat and swim. And the best thing is, even if you would like to do more, a great deal of good, popular destinations aren’t far away.

Ubud is frequently called the cultural heart of Bali. It is common to find a Balinese ceremony throughout your time in Ubud, and it can be a particular experience to get.

Ubud village itself may be rather busy but enclosing Ubud you will discover amazing green seas of rice areas.

That is 1 place you should certainly stay when in your Bali holiday season.

For at least a couple of days. There is something about it. Ubud village might be quite touristy but that is exactly why I feel a day excursion does not do it justice.

It is in the day or early morning when you get to actually see Ubud. And if you keep in the beautiful surrounds of Ubud you may have all the peace you want.

Ubud village is filled with bali villas, restaurants, yoga studios, spa and stores. You will walk past temples and drift through markets.

Even though it’s still occupied, attracts a great deal of tourists and contains heavy traffic occasionally, somehow you find yourself forgetting about this.

The meals ranges from local warungs to fine dining, with a great deal of vegetarian and vegetarian choices.

You can find many things to do in Ubud. By obtaining a massage, eating, performing a cooking lesson, shopping, visiting an art gallery or studying a few regional crafts and arts.

The regional Ubud market is likewise exceptional. Additionally, there are plenty of excursions and day excursions available here.

If you would like to experience Bali’s amazing scenery, culture and meet the natives, try out a bike tour through the cities. Basically, it is 5 star hotels in a bubble.

Nusa Dua is nearly in its Bali bubble. Beautiful. Clean. Predominantly luxury resorts. It has it’s pro’s and con (as do many things), but it is ideal for a Bali family vacation or romantic getaway.

Nusa Dua is just about half an hour from Kuta but both are worlds apart.

It’s mostly luxury resorts, beaches, and also a little shopping centre. The beaches are more crowded here, except for Pandawa Beach which brings the audiences but is a gorgeous beach. If you would like to unwind in 5 star accommodation you’ll love it.

If you would like to be nearer to the activity or perhaps more inside a local community then it is likely not for you.

Having said this, it could be a ideal place to stay for a Bali family vacation, especially with very young kids, since there are fewer crowds and visitors and the beaches are somewhat calmer.

What exactly are the key things to do in Nusa Dua? Nusa Dua isn’t famous for being a hive of activity.

There’s a small shopping centre and a few markets. Restaurants. Beach days. Water sports.

Riding Bicycles. And lots of the additional things to do is in your hotel or alternative resorts. If you remain here, I’d advise that you venture out into other areas at times (that will be simple enough( depending on traffic).